We have moved! Mandragora Tribal & Apothecary now runs out of a little house in the woods on Quadra Island, BC. We will be offering Tribal Workshops here and there in the new year, as well as focusing on our online Etsy presence. The demands of our little monstrr is all-consuming.

Mandragora Tribal is offering a Strengthening + Conditioning Workshop on Feb 2nd, as well as Technique and Bellydancing the Chakras series on Feb 6th. See Tribal – Classes and Workshops for more details

Our apologies to anyone who has tried to contact us in the past few weeks, we have been having technical difficulties with our phone line. A temporary phone number has been posted in Contacts, and you can always get a hold of us via email or our Contact Form. Sorry for the inconvenience or any missed calls!

Happy MidWinter!  Solstice blessings this Yule season. We’re working hard here at Mandragora towards new offerings this coming year. Love and light!

The 2nd Autumn bellydance session dates are now available on the Classes page! We are excited to delve deeper with you! Please note that the date has been changed from Tuesday to Wednesday evenings due to many requests from students. Check out the information on the classes page, or see our Contact page to register!

Locally wildcrafted sage besoms are now available in the Etsy shoppe for Mabon! They smell and burn potently… mmm…

The Autumn bellydance session is now open for registration! This Fall we are so pleased to be offering Prenatal bellydance! Take a look at our Classes section for times and class descriptions. Please register early to avoid disappointment!

The same day we open Mandragora’s Etsy Shoppe, we find that they have recently passed new prohibited items restrictions. Sellers are unable to make “medical drug claims about an item.”

‘A medical drug claim makes a correlation between a product and the cure or relief of a health condition or illness.’ — Etsy

Well, we’re not so sure how to market our Milk Supply tea blend without those words, ya know what I’m saying? /Sigh. So… stay tuned for Etsy’s possible outfoxing, but in the meantime… enjoy our Lotus Drops Sea Sponge Tampons! We certainly do not claim that they do a damn good job of sopping up your menses, being ridiculously comfortable, all the while remaining preposterously eco-friendly! No, no, we make no such claim!

The blog is finally up and running, for those of you interested in our adventures:
Thus Spake Mandragora

The Gathering
Bear with me as I gather and unveil the Collective…


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