Placental Preparations

Consuming the placenta to regain its high concentration of minerals, iron and hormones after birth is seen in most mammalian species and has been used in human cultures throughout the ages. For example, Traditional Chinese Medicine uses old formulations that feature the placenta. [Click the link for more information regarding the benefits of Placentophagy]. Different types of processing are better suited for specific needs; there are a variety of ways we can prepare the placenta to experience its powerful medicine…

| Encapsulated | A convenient pill form to consume your placenta. [especially helpful for the squeamish!] There are 2 methods to choose from: Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] and Raw. In the TCM method, what we want for the recovering mother is a preparation of warm qualities; we prepare the placenta firstly by steaming with warming herbs, such as ginger, chilli, or lemongrass. Heat is applied in the form of cooking, and a further drying process takes place. When the placenta is thoroughly dried, it is ground and encapsulated into convenient pill form. Using the Raw method, we prepare the placenta as is, dehydrate and encapsulate. We recommend only taking these particular pills after the first 6-8 weeks as Raw placenta is considered extremely cold [yin], and therefore inappropriate for extended use during the first few months after birth. One placenta can make anywhere between 90-160 pills.

| Tinctured | A tincture is the resulting mixture obtained from percolating organic matter [traditionally plant material] in alcohol. This creates a very potent extract that has an indefinite shelf life. The process takes 6 weeks to fully release the constituents from the cell walls into the menstrum [alcohol], and leaves a beautifully colored, powerful medicine. Tincture of placenta may be used for:

Baby’s transitional times
Mother’s PMS/Menopause

| Essence | Placenta medicine that heals on the energetic level. You could say that an essence is the opposite of a tincture – a diluted form as opposed to an extract. Formulated in the same way as a flower essence, placenta essence works wonders for issues spanning the emotional realm. Indicated for:

Baby’s transitional times
Nervousness, restlessness, agitation
Moments such as 1st day of daycare, school, etc
Mother can use in the same way; transition, loss, mood boosting, etc…

| Salve | A healing balm crafted with Calendula infused Sweet Almond oil, beeswax and your placenta. Indicated for:

Cracked and dry skin
Healing incisions
Diaper rash
Cradle cap
Eczema, and more…

| Prints | A keepsake of the amazing organ that connected you and your baby, printed on paper!

| What we need from you |

We will arrange a pickup of your placenta, or it can be dropped off [we will waive delivery and pickup fees accordingly] and I can work in the space I have set up at my house.

… more coming soon [as always, everything is a slow work of progress, apologies!]

We here at Mandragora love the placenta as medicine, but we would also like you to know of alternative options. We believe the placenta should be honored and importance should be placed on memorializing the amazing organ that connected you and your babe for 9 months. If this interests you, here are some suggestions for ceremony, ritual, or just reflection…


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