| Summer Session 2014 |

Bellydance Drills
A challenging class for the experienced and blossoming belly dancer, alike. We will focus on drills, drills, drills – to hone our skills! Exploring combos, variations, layering and mind -body integration to better round out your personal practice. This is not a class for thorough breakdown of each move, but rather a class of continuous movement. Shimmy into summer! Previous dance/yoga/movement instruction is suggested.

| time |
Wednesdays 7:oo-8:00 pm
| dates | June 4th – August 20th
| pricing |
$110 | 12 week session
$10 | drop in
Free intro class May 28th @ 7pm!!

| Register | with us as classes are pending based on registration, and registration is limited!
Please indicate which class it is you are signing up for.

| Pricing |
$100 / 7 week session [Bellydancing the Chakras]
$110 / 6 week session [Beginner I/II]
$20 / drop in [90 min]
$15 / drop in [60 min]

| Class Description |

Beginner I | Foundations
For those who have no previous experience with bellydance. In this class we will lay down the foundations of the technique and body awareness you will need to start your journey in this dance form. Dancers will learn to center and ground in the dance, and find within themselves a sense of fluidity and grace. Posture, technique and drilling, as well as exercises in meditation and visualization will all be elements touched upon as we journey through this introductory class.

Beginner II | Technique
A continuation of Foundations, this class is all about honing your newfound skills. Isolations, arm carriage and dance posture will be emphasized and drilled. Note: any of the Beginner classes are suitable for newcomers as we will always break down and revisit move components.

Bellydancing the Chakras | Journeys
Shimmy and root into Muladhara, ami around Swadhisthana, undulate through Manipura, circle through Anahata, graceful hands and arms express Vishuddha, open up with Ajna, and explore the cosmic dancer within through Sahasrara. This Journey series will guide you through the chakras [seven main energetic centers of the body] with Bellydance. Experience guided visualization, moving meditation, and explore this intuitive and ancient feminine danceform as we clear stagnation and revitalize the chakras. Delve deep and let your inner radiance shine forth!

Prenatal | Journeys
This is a very gentle, meditative and open class setting, designed to help prepare the expectant [and new!] mother not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Bearing a child is a humbling and empowering, potent experience, and it needs to be given the preparation and acknowledgement that has been lost and lacking in our culture today. Womens’ circles and sacred movement have long been a part of birthing ritual in other cultures, past and present. Cayla offers a unique bellydance class that aids women in tapping into their own innate sacred feminine energy, as they prepare their body and mind for the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. She invites you to join her in the dance.


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