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A period of spiritual exploration through the medium of movement and body awareness brought Cayla unexpectedly to bellydance. In 2007, she answered the strange new calling by starting Egyptian Cabaret style classes. Soon after entering this new found world, Cayla migrated to the more earthy, serpentine and trancelike stylings of Tribal Fusion. There, she found a home with the Calgary-based Bedouin Dance Company and Zingari Tribal Fusion troupe, and has been dancing relentlessly ever since. Cayla has performed at various summer festivals and shows and has taught workshops and classes throughout the years

A student evermore, she studies with Heidi Hillman of the Bedouin Dance Company and has imbibed in the inspiration and wealth of knowledge of such notable dancers as Mira Betz, Nath Keo, Lava, Samantha Emanuel and Dafne Canales.

A practitioner of energetic medicine and shamanic journey work, Cayla offers unique classes that have been known to delve beneath and beyond bellydance…

| Prenatal Bellydance |

In January of 2012, Cayla gave birth to her firstborn son at home, with the help of her partner, midwives, and bellydance. Having danced throughout her pregnancy and during labor, she feels that bellydance helped strengthen the birthing muscles and made for a quicker, easier birth. Cayla brings 7 years of Tribal Fusion bellydance experience to the fore, together with her training as a Herbalist and Wholistic Therapist. Her education includes courses geared towards a special interest in natural childbirth [herbs, nutrition, stretching, etc], as well as firsthand experience with the process of unhindered, non medicated natural childbirth and the role belly dance can play during this time.


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