| Winter/Spring offerings 2014 |

Tribal Fusion bellydance is a unique style of its own characterized by strong arm carriage, earthy hip movements and a strong improv element. Cayla has been dancing for 8 years, bringing yoga, meditation and journeywork to her practice. Explore Tribal Fusion in this mini workshop series! Some bellydance instruction is helpful but not required. All workshops are Saturdays @ 11am for 90 min. Bring a yoga mat and hip scarf if you wish, and plenty of water!


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Strengthening + Conditioning | Lower Body for Bellydance

This Strenthening + Conditioning mini intensive will kick your butt! Tribal Bellydance finds its center of gravity firmly rooted in the lower half of the body. Therefore, strong glutes, quads, calves and feet are essential for the dancer. We will begin with a vigorous yoga/fusion warmup, followed by a breakdown and drilling of bellydance moves that work with these muscle groups. We will end with a deep, cooling stretch to loosen and lengthen those hard working legs. Come prepared to sweat! Previous yoga or movement instruction is helpful, but certainly not necessary. Wear comfortable yoga/dance wear, bring a yoga mat and lots o’ water!


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